I just found out that we will be playing with the band Disciple on June 13th. This will be a great opportunity for us as a band. I think we will learn a lot from these guys. Go check out there website, and go check out the line up for the Texas Music Festival as well.


Texas Music Festival


CounterfietX will be playing at The Spring Christian shop on May 31st @ 1:00. There will be several bands playing begining at 11:00 including Brady Muckleroy. He is an amazing bass player. He will most definetly take your breathe away. Hope to see everyone come out and check it out. Peace out and God Bless!



CounterfeitX will be playing at the Texas music Festival in San Antonio, TX on June 13th @ the Catacombs. We will be playing with Naos Project, Shining Force, Axiom, and 3:14. CounterfeitX will take the stage at 7:00 and will play till 7:45. Go to the Texas Music Festival Website, and check it out. DEFINITELY go check out Naos Project website. They're one of the Best lives shows I have ever seen. Until Next time.......Peace out!

Texas Music Festical.com
The Catacombs

Definitely go check this band out they are headlining the show....and they are awesome!



We will be playing @ The New Life Christian Center on Friday April 11th.


Hope to see everyone out at the show tomorrow. We had a rehearsal tonight. We discussed things with Ben and seem to have everything ironed out. We expect to be playing one of the best shows that we have played together in a long time. God Bless and PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!



Go to the site and check out the other bands scheduled to play with us! And email the venue and request to see us come back and play a show again.

The Red Eyed Fly

We have booked a show at the Red Eyed Fly for April 5th @ 8:00. We hope to have some support, and look forward to everyone coming out to see us. We've been having some issues among the band members, in terms of the line up. Thankfully we are now working those out, and things look to be straighening out. I will post more on this later. Thanks and God Bless.


Well a lot has happened lately. We have begun talking to David Kelsey, from Soul Joy Records. We discussed the possibility of working together. He is going to take our CD and work up a professional promo packet with it and shop us around to some major record labels and executives that he knows form around the country. There is a man from Canada that works with Capitol Records that is interested in hearing us, and another man from LA as well. If we work with David the benefits would be awesome. They are a “ministry to ministries” as David put it. They want to help young bands like ours get started and hooked up with people that can help them, without requiring that we rack up a huge amount of debt as we grow. We would be able to go on tour nationally and even internationally, if all works out. We really need prayer for this, because if we start doing this, it is going to change things for a lot of us. With the additions that some of us are making to our families, it will make it a little tricky to go on tour. So we will need prayer. Thanks and God Bless! I hope to see you guys come out to the Catacombs on the 22nd! Later and PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!