Well it seems that Jack and his wife have finally had there newest child. Her name is Zion. I don't really now all the specs with the situation, but I will fill you in when I find out. We almost have the new settings up on the Website(With the link to this blog site) as well. Our friend Jeremy has been helping us a lot with the site, and we are really grateful for the help. Thanks and God Bless!


Jack is set to have his child in the next few days, so we have our fingers crossed. This will be his forth, so he's not the bumbling ball of anxiety that he was in the past. All our prayers and hopes are with Jack and his family. We recieved word that we will be playing two more dates this month at the catacombs. We are very excited about the event and love playing there. The kids go to hear the music and that is what were all about. So I hope to see everyone at the date! Thanks and God Bless!