Well a lot has happened lately. We have begun talking to David Kelsey, from Soul Joy Records. We discussed the possibility of working together. He is going to take our CD and work up a professional promo packet with it and shop us around to some major record labels and executives that he knows form around the country. There is a man from Canada that works with Capitol Records that is interested in hearing us, and another man from LA as well. If we work with David the benefits would be awesome. They are a “ministry to ministries” as David put it. They want to help young bands like ours get started and hooked up with people that can help them, without requiring that we rack up a huge amount of debt as we grow. We would be able to go on tour nationally and even internationally, if all works out. We really need prayer for this, because if we start doing this, it is going to change things for a lot of us. With the additions that some of us are making to our families, it will make it a little tricky to go on tour. So we will need prayer. Thanks and God Bless! I hope to see you guys come out to the Catacombs on the 22nd! Later and PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What's up everyone?Thanks to everyone that came out to the show. We had a blast and did our best to "rock your face off", as Jack always says. We appreciate the support ALOT. We should be back to play at the Back Room in the next couple of months. We were expected to go play on March 6, but we will be unable to play on that date due to a wedding within the family. We have another show in San Antonio next weekend on February 22nd at The (Catacombhttp://www.catacombs.fr.st/) though. We hope to see everyone come out and see us. Thanks and God Bless!!!!


We have recently been in contact with HM Magazine. We sent them some of our music, and aparently they really like. So we might have the opportunity to have a article done on us(This is the same way that Pillar and POD got there start!) We have also been in contact with the magazine the Christian Edge and are scheduling to have an interview with them. We have also started talking with a small record label out of San Antonio called Soul Joy Records. They will have the ability to mass produce our album and hook us up with some touring schedules, so we will be able to travel. Thess would be some big steps for us, so keep in prayer about this stuff, cause we need it! Thanks and God Bless!